Review: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream


Hello beauties! Today I am talking about my current holy grail “foundation” …The It Cosmetics CC cream. If you have not read my post about my skin, click here to understand my skin type. I have struggled with getting my skin looking healthy for the last two years and have tried all sorts of products from foundations, to concealers, bb creams, cc creams,  lotions, etc etc…

I had pretty much given up on the idea of a bb or cc cream because at the time, none were as full coverage as a foundation…until I came across this baby 😀  If you are not familiar with what a cc cream is, it stands for color correcting. CC creams are meant to address issues like redness or dark spots whereas BB creams are like a lighter foundation with a few skin care benefits thrown in.

The It cosmetics CC cream is highly pigmented and really covers up everything. I find that I can skip concealer with this product which is huge if you are lazy like me in the mornings! Haha. Not only does it work at covering up like a foundation, but the ingredients are actually good for your skin. To start, it has an SPF of 50 which is extremely important to keep your skin looking healthy longer. It also has vitamins A, C, B, E, and plenty of antioxidants. (Info from Product: CC+™ is infused with cutting edge Anti-Aging technology and is clinically shown to improve skin texture, brightness and increase skin hydration by 79%. The Anti-Aging hydrating formula is infused with Peptides, Niacin, Algae, Vitamins A, C, B, E, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen along with Antioxidants and exotic natural botanicals for long-term brightening and color-correcting benefits.)

This product feels really light on your skin and it doesn’t get into your fine lines. I wear this all through my 8 hour work day and for me atleast, it holds up very well. It does leave a bit of a sheen to your skin so if you prefer matte, I suggest applying a powder over top.

Since starting this product, I have noticed a tremendous difference in the overall texture and tone of my skin. My redness is gone, the scarring has diminished, and even the few small expression wrinkles I had on my forehead are less noticeable. I have been using it for almost a year along with my skin care regime , and I have not touched any of my foundations since. It comes in 5 colors- fair, light, medium, tan, and rich.  I am between medium and tan depending what time of the year it is. I also mix the two depending.

swatches.jpgYou don’t fully appreciate your skin until you start having skin problems, so I love that this product doesn’t make me feel guilty for smothering my face with it every day. LOL! If you have been hesitating to try this product, I highly recommend you give it a go! The product is $38 but the website also offers the sample sizes for $15, and it is also available on Ulta. Let me know if you plan to try it in the comments! Xo-Vanessa

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2 thoughts on “Review: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

  1. I have been debating back and forth about getting this. I have rosacea which causes alot of skin redness and a heavy foundation is not ideal for me. I use a bb cream now as an everyday “foundation”. Looking forward to giving this a go!

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