V-day Look 2: Mixing Prints

The rules of the fashion industry are ever changing. One of the classic rules gone rogue would be mixing your prints. This can either look really cool, or like you got dressed in the dark. The easiest way I have found to make sure it looks chic and not tacky,  is to keep the look all in the same color tone. I saw this floral bodysuit at forever 21 and thought it would be great for a Valentine’s day look. Who needs  a boyfriend (or girlfriend) to get her flowers when you can wear them 😉 I loved the print and the high neck of this one. Get it Here

I chose to pair it with this tan skirt. Tan and red really compliment each other, and because I wanted to wear leopard pumps, I chose a skirt that would transition the two together. My leopard pumps pick up both the black from my top, and the tan from the skirt…giving the look balance. Similar Pumps Here That’s really the key to mixing prints, making sure to “keep it in the family” color wise, and making just one color the focal point by keeping the rest of the look neutral.

My skirt was an amazon find. Get it Here .  I got this on a whim because it was super affordable, and it surprisingly turned out to be great material at only $10! I loved the color and the high slit since I am so covered up on top. It’s all about balance 😉 Less is always more (unless we are talking about prints 😉 )

How do you guys feel about mixing prints? What are your favorites to mix? Let me know! And if you have any questions, comment below. Hope you guys enjoyed both of my V-day looks! Have a great Valentine’s day, whether it be hanging with your girls, or a date night with your boo! ❤



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