OOTD: Lazy Day Chic

I’m sure I’m not alone in sometimes (almost always) feeling extra lazy and not wanting to get dolled up on the weekend. The work week is long, the weekend chores are endless, and the last thing you want to do is put on make-up or a pair of tight jeans.

I’ve been really into these kind of high-waisted jogger-like trousers that are neither fancy or too casual. I love them because you can create either look with them. Yesterday, I dressed them down. These striped ones are from Zara (just sold out). I loved the color mixture, or  lack of color mixture. Vertical stripes are also great to make shorter girls look longer, which I am all about since I am only 5 feet tall, UGH! 

It’s been the most unusual weather here this month so I got a little crazy and knotted this basic tee into a crop. I thought this would instantly make the pants look more casual . Tucking it in would make it look less lazy than the vibe I was going for, and leaving it out would be too much of an over-sized look with the pants. In comes the knot…because it’s February, and crop tops are frowned upon 😉

To finish the look, I went with these slide loafers from Just Fab for obvious reasons Get Them Here. These are the perfect lazy day shoe to put on and go, and will easily be one of my most worn this Spring. I also added an over-sized denim jacket to throw in a bit of color and also, these fun mirrored sunglasses.

What do you guys wear on a lazy day out? Let me know in the comments. Also, check out how my girl dressed up her casual pants HERE. Hope you all enjoyed this look and had a great weekend! Till the next one…





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