OOTD: Bell Sleeves on Repeat

Just when we thought Spring was creeping in, this weekend we were reminded that it’s still very much Winter. Although I have been pretty anxious to start dressing for warmer temperatures, there is something so cozy about the winter that I would definitely miss if I lived anywhere with a warmer climate. I welcomed the cold in one of my favorite sweaters. I have featured this sweater before but I love it enough to feature it twice. Besides…it’s okay to repeat your clothes… we aren’t Beyonce 😀

This houndstooth printed sweater embodies my winter style. I love a good turtleneck. Pairing a simple turtleneck with jeans and a jacket is such an easy look, but makes you look super chic. The classic print and the bell sleeves were an added bonus. Bell sleeves have stolen my heart this season. They make any simple top more unique and fun. Houndstooth print can sometimes look like something your grandmother would wear, but the bell sleeves give this sweater a much more youthful look.

I tucked it into these Zara mom jeans. I have been looking for a pair of mom jeans that fit my petite frame perfectly, and although these were not the perfect fit (feel a little big), I had to have them because of the metal detailing (they were also on major sale). Not only do these jeans have super cool zippers along each side, but what caught my eye was the silver hoop detail around the belt-loop. It isn’t a detail I see often, and it makes them look pretty bad ass and well, sometimes I like to dress cooler than I am 😉

Short girl tip; swap your black booties for some tan ones. Tan booties are like a nude heel…they elongate your legs, especially if you are wearing black jeans, or in my case…black over-sized jeans that’ll swallow you otherwise. I topped off the look with my black fedora hat from forever 21.

Love is…doing what makes us happy ❤

Despite the cold, I had such a great day with my girl Shayla. She actually hosted a local blogger meetup. It was so great to get to talk to other bloggers. We all shared our struggles and our victories, and gave each-other tips we acquired during the time we have been blogging. It can get pretty overwhelming because there is so much competition, but that day I was reminded why I started in the first place, and that is because I love fashion. Styling is a creative outlet for me, like painting may be for someone else. The best thing we can do as bloggers is forget what everyone else is doing and achieving and just do it because we love it. I am happy to celebrate 200 of you. It may not be many, but it’s 200 more than I had 4 months ago when I really began this blogging journey. Thank you so much for the support! ❤




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