Trends I’m Loving: Neck Scarves & Mules


With spring comes new trends to love. Two of my current favorites are neck scarves and mules. Lets start with the mule. I am a big fan of shoes I can slip on and go, so it’s no surprise that I am obsessed with this trend. Not only are they easy to put on, but they also go with just about everything. I also love the small chunky heel because it gives you a little bit of height, but are still super comfortable to walk around town. I recommend starting with a neutral shade like the ones I am wearing here, or black to go with everything. (linked below)


Shop my Mules


I paired them with an all black look, but added a frayed denim top over top. I loved the  hem on this one. A denim shirt or jacket is always essential but especially this time of year. Adding one to a plain black look as I did here gives it a much more spring casual vibe.


Shop a Similar Denim Top


To tie everything in together, I added a neck scarf. Neck scarves have always been popular in cities of Europe like Paris, and for me they are the new choker (and the closest I am getting to living in Paris). You can wear them tied in the front, tied in the back like I wore here, or you can just let it hang down each side for a pop of color/print. Instant chic french girl vibes. Check your local thrift store for some super affordable options. Other options linked below.

Earrings are from ASOS. Neck scarf is Forever 21

Scarf options




Let me know what you guys think of these trends!

’till next time


4 thoughts on “Trends I’m Loving: Neck Scarves & Mules

  1. The neckscarf trend is really cute and they look great on you. I feel like the choker trend would probably fit me better but I love looking at how others style their clothes for inspiration.

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