OOTD: Preppy Collared Dress

Happy hump day loves 🙂 So, I recently realized that out of all the trends I have rocked for my blog, there is one girl wardrobe essential I have yet to feature, a dress! To be honest, the reason why is because I don’t really buy dresses that often. Even in the summer, I opt for rompers/jumpsuits. The other day I was browsing forever21.com and came across this beautiful floral dress! I am absolutely obsessed with the collar, and knew immediately I wanted to pair it with these oxford shoes I already owned from Zara for a preppy vibe. That’s when you know it’s a done deal and you need to check out; when you already have an outfit planned in your head…so I went ahead and ordered it.


Dresses like this are great if you work in an office like I do so you can get the most use out of them. they’e also great for those lazy mornings when you don’t want to think about matching pieces. I wore it to work but I’d also wear it for a brunch or hang out with friends. I do recommend sizing up though. My boyfriend had to help me slide this on (that sounds a lot nicer than it actually looked, lol) because of how tight it was around the chest area…so definitely keep that in mind. For reference, I ordered a size small and am a 32c Chest, 26 Waist.

I also ordered these retro oval sunglasses. I have been wanting a pair of these after lusting over how great they look on Kendall Jenner. This style is really in at the moment but might not be a few months from now…so I was excited to find these for only about $5 to try out the trend. I do think I would end up continuing to wear them though because they fit my face really nicely, and I love a good throwback look!


What do you guys think of this look? Are you a dress kind of girl? Or more of a pants/rompers type like me. Comment below ❤

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till next time ❤


12 thoughts on “OOTD: Preppy Collared Dress

  1. I’m more of a pants a romper kind of girl💗 I just bought a skirt and romper last weekend. This dress is really cute though and the try of dress I would wear🌸

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  2. This is really a cute dress on you!💕 I’m opposite from you lol as I love dresses over rompers. I find rompers are safer cuz you don’t have to worry about flashing anything but it’s a pain when you need to go to the washroom lol

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