My 4th of July + Get to Know Me

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend 🙂 For today’s post, I wanted to share some photos from my 4th, and also do a 20 question survey so you guys can get to know me a little better. I also hope you do it as well and tag me so I can get to know you also!
Here we go…

  1. Why did you start blogging? I have always been into fashion and admired other bloggers but never felt like I could do it…my bf really encouraged me to do it and here we are 🙂
  2. What do you enjoy writing the most?I really enjoy writing about trends at an affordable cost. Most of the bloggers I follow on Instagram all style very pricey pieces, and my blog is more for the every day girl where I can show you how to get the look for less.
  3. What are you currently watching? I just finished Riverdale on Netflix, and started watching Friends again from the start…never gets old!
  4. How does a perfect breakfast look like for you? Eggs, bacon, potatoes, and pancakes that I never end up getting to! lol
  5. If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? Postiano Italy looks like a dream!
  6. What is one thing, that you always need to take on vacation, no matter where you are?Makeup remover wipes, because I’m lazy to do my whole skincare routine on vacation.
  7. What music style are you listening too?My music stations are always changing, depending on my mood. I listen to pretty much everything from pop, to hip hop, soft rock, country, and my throwback r&b jams from the late 90’s/ early 2000’s are always a fav
  8. If you could only wear one T-shirt for a week, what would it look like?Definitely a striped b&w tee, stripes are a great basic but not as plain as a white tee, and can be paired with many different looks.
  9. Do you have another job besides blogging? Yes, I work as a Data Analyst for newspapers like Star Ledger, Jersey Journal, and also
  10. If you could meet one person for coffee, it can be anyone on this planet, who would it be? Blake Lively, so we can rome NY together and talk about how virgo is the best astrological sign ;P
  11. What is your shoe size? 6
  12. Heels or sneakers? Def not a sneaker girl, but my heels have to be a wearable height for the most part.
  13. Do you have a favorite word? Hmm maybe “Wow”, because just a change in face expression and it can mean completely different things whether it be annoyed or amazed
  14. Do you like Disney movies? I’m 5 when it comes to movies….so YES! lol
  15. What is your guilty pleasure? Binge watching organization/home DIY videos on youtube lol
  16. Have you ever read a book you couldn’t put down or a film you were obsessed with from the get go? What was it? I watched “The devil wears Prada” 100 times and will still watch it any time it’s on TV
  17. What would be a bad date for you? someone who is quiet and can’t keep a conversation going
  18. Are you a trousers or skirt person? Or both?! Def trousers
  19. Do you have any pets? I have a cat now that I moved in with my boyfriend, and it has completely turned my feelings around about cats, but def more of a dog person. RIP Gizmo ❤
  20. Do you write your blog posts in the evening or the morning? Usually morning when I get a chance at work..haha quite the multitasker but I find that if I wait until I get home, too many other things take my time

I Nominate..

Anyone who wants to do it! Starting with Sunday Shay


My 4th Of July

Top: Madewell | Shorts: Hollister | Bandana: Asos | Sunnies: H&M
Swimsuit: Amazon find HERE





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