What I Wore: Vo. 1

I’m back! Sorry it’s been a while. My goal is to try and post once a week, but it’s been a little hard lately. During the week, I work a 9-5 job, where I wear a boring ol’ slack and collar shirt combo EVERY.DAMN.DAY. I will usually post a look from the weekend when I get to wear the clothes I want , but lately my weekends have been spent in a bikini. So do forgive me for my lack of posts! I have been posting a bit on instagram since it takes less time than a full-on shoot, so I decided to keep my promise of once a week and atleast do an instagram round-up of my looks, since I got many comments on many of these items.

Let’s begin…

Sunday 7/9/2017


On this day I was headed to brunch and wanted to be super comfy after a night out of drinking/dancing. First tip, wear something that feels like pajamas. These satin culottes have become my favorite. They are so lightweight, perfect for hot days, and make anything you pair it with look incredibly chic. I paired them with this floral/polka dot printed blouse from Zara which is very over-sized and totally effortless. For my shoes, I grabbed my gold satin bow flats from forever 21 to tie in to the floral print. Second tip, throw on a pair of shades to cover your bare face that you were too lazy to put makeup on…these are from forever 21. Third tip, low buns make everything more chic, and no one will guess you just didn’t feel like bothering to wash/style it. 😉

culottes: similar here  | slides: here |  top: similar but pricier version  | sunnies: similar

Wednesday 7/12/2017

On this day, I went out for drinks with some girl friends after work. I know what you’re thinking,”wow, this girl goes out on a Wednesday, what a party girl” ..but on the contrary…going out during the week literally never happens for me. I even surprised myself! LOL …I hadn’t seen my friend in a while, and she wanted to take me out so I wasn’t going to pass that up! It was a great time, although I got wine all over this shirt...sigh. I kept it really simple for my look because it was in fact Wednesday…I wore  distressed denim shorts from hollister, a plain cream silky cami from marshalls, and some chunky heeled sandals that are really comfortable but make enough of a statement. I also wore a layered neckalace from anarchystreet.com (check them out, so many cute accessories! Use code VANESSA for 20% off!

shorts: similar | top: similar here | sandals: similar here | necklace: here

Saturday 7/15/2017

Saturday, this girl was craving some pastaaaa…so despite the heat, I was determined to eat outdoors at one of my favorite italian spots. I wore minimal clothing, starting with this backless bodysuit from zara. I paired it with a white denim skirt that I am obsessed with from forever 21. It’s a litte high-waisted, so it’s perfect for that pasta food baby 😉 It gives off major 90’s vibes, so I kept it going and added my river island mules and my oval sunnies from forever 21 as well.

bodysuit: similar here | denim skirt: here | mules: similar here

Which look was your favorite?! Let me know if you guys like this concept. Follow me on instagram if you aren’t where I am a lot more active @ __fashionessa_


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