OOTD + What I’ve Realized Since Blogging

Happy hump day all! Getting back into a normal blogging routine with this outfit post from this past weekend, but I also wanted to talk about something I have realized after taking these photos. Let’s start with the look….

I am obsessed with this polka-dot top from zara —HERE. I have always loved polka-dots and anything a little retro, and this fall, polka-dots are going to be a huge trend again. I love the modern touch with the choker…it gives it a cool casual vibe, so I decided to wear it to a daytime lunch with some friends. I paired it with my white denim skirt from forever 21 –HERE, a chloe handbag dupe from marshalls, and mules from wantmylook that I borrowed.Β This top can be for a night-time look by adding black jeans or a leather skirt, and swapping the mules for some pumps. I will definitely be getting my wear out of it throughout the summer and fall.

Ok, now let’s get a bit more personal here. When I first started blogging, I absolutely hated having my picture taken. I wouldn’t say I love it now, but these photos have really shown me the progress I have made…and it’s not because I think I look cute, or because I like my outfit, it’s because of the confidence they show. Guys, these streets were packed with people…I got up with my friend as we waited for our lunch, stood in front of random people, and got these shots. I didn’t even think anything of it until I saw these photos, because after doing it for a while I guess it becomes natural…but I have to give myself a little credit because this girl a few months ago, barely wanted to pose in front of her mom for a picture. hahaha

Blogging was always scary for me, mostly because of the attention part. I didn’t want anyone staring, I didn’t want anyone talking about me, or thinking anything of me…but now, screw everyone! I am so proud for just giving less of a f*** about what others think. As an over-thinker, this is always easier said than done. So maybe I don’t have the best poses, or the most expensive handbags, or the most followers,Β …but blogging is transforming me..and it’s mostly thanks to the positive feedback I get here and on instagram. So thank you, for following, liking, commenting, and joining me on this journey beyond myself.




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