How to: Shop Smart on a Budget

Welcome back! I’m excited to change things up not only layout wise, but also content! Today, I’m sharing with you my tips on how I shop smart on  budget, because as we know, blogging gets expensive. Sure… I’d still shop, but since I’ve started blogging, I definitely shop a lot more. We want to keep up with the trends and be able to link our readers to our outfit. To put it short, we want to do this blogging thing for real.

I’ve always been really good  budgeting….I somehow always find what I want for a better price than advertised. It’s become this strange skill of mine since a young age. I think I get it from my cheap-o daddyo 😉 Let me tell you how…

t i p s

1: Get Inspired. Search Pinterest, Instagram, or whatever your preference is for inspiration on what’s trending. I prefer Instagram where I follow tons of fashion bloggers. I also like to search hashtags on whatever item I am needing inspiration for. Ex: If I want ideas on how to style a denim skirt, I would search denim skirt. You could also search hashtags like #fashioninspo, #ootd, #summerstyle …etc etc… I save the images I like to my saved folder on instagram and then swipe through it when I need some ideas.

muse boots

2. Plan ahead. If there is an item you know you want, search through google to see where it’s sold at for the best price. Example: I have been wanting the Jeffrey Campbell Muse White Bootie for a while now. I knew they were sold on Nordstrom, but decided to search google and see if it was sold anywhere else. I got 3 different results, two relatively similar in price but not the same color, and one on ebay much less expensive. When using ebay, I only like to buy it now, so I checked if it was, and also if they were even in my size. My size ended up being sold out, so I’d go with another option…but for someone who’s size was still available, that would have been extra money in your pocket. Another thing I do is just search less specific for “white booties” and see if a different brand has anything similar. Found these on Zara for under $50…see-ya Jeffrey!


3. Set a Budget. Before starting your online shopping, or shopping in person…decide how much you can spend. In person, it’s a lot simpler by simply leaving the credits cards home if you don’t have control. For me though, and I’m sure most of us, online shopping is the way I like to shop. This can make it really hard to budget because if you go over budget, your credit card will still swipe. My tip if this is you, use the filters on store pages. You can use the filter for the kind of item you want, and then filter for the price range. This not only makes it more pleasing to view because it’s less items, but also shows you only what you can afford to spend.  The sale section is usually pretty good for most stores, so definitely check that as well! In person , Marshalls is my go-to for affordable fashion.


4. Search for Promos/Coupons: Once I have my cart ready, I make sure there aren’t any promos/ coupons to use. I like to use,but search promos and coupons for the store you are shopping on google first. There’s almost always some type of coupon, plus… since we are working with a budget, that money off can be another item you add to the cart! LOL I know, I am insane, but I’m not broke…so can’t complain! The funny thing is I truly think even if I became wealthy, I would still shop this way. It’s so satisfying!


5. Shop Secondhand. There are so many awesome secondhand shops, and you can find such great designer items for so much less. Sites like Poshmark, Depop, thredUp, are a great option. I don’t do this with trendy items, but if I want a good quality leather jacket, or a blazer, items you can wear forever…this is something I like to check. You get almost brand new items for a fraction of the cost. Why wouldn’t you do this?!


I hope you guys enjoyed my tips and found them helpful! Make sure to let me know. Also, let me know what you think of my new layout cause I probably took way too long trying to figure all this coding out. haha


8 thoughts on “How to: Shop Smart on a Budget

  1. Exactly what I do when I shop! I also use sites like where you can buy gift cards to certain places for less, another way to save!

    Also, love the layout. If there’s anyway to get rid of the “continue reading” part, so that the whole post shows, I think it’s more appealing the eye. Just my opinion! Keep it up girl 😀

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