What to Shop for in August – My Transition Picks

Am I the only one that’s excited that it’s almost fall? Every year when it hits August, it’s like I am over summer and start preparing for the next season. I feel wasteful buying sandals and frilly little dresses knowing around the corner is layering season, especially when it comes to trendy pieces that might not even be in style next summer. If you’re like me, then this list of items to shop for in August is for you.

Denim Jacket– A denim jacket is a staple for any season. In the summer, you can wear if off the shoulder over your favorite dress. In the fall, it’s the perfect layering piece over anything. It’s also the perfect amount of warmth for when the weather starts cooling down. My preference is when it’s more of a “boyfriend” fit.


Classic Levis



Button Down Shirts– When choosing what tops to buy in August, I always go for the button downs. They are light enough to wear now, but are the perfect shirt for fall. I like to wear them with the sleeves rolled up and tucked into shorts in the summer, or tied up and left mostly unbuttoned. In the fall, wear them with your favorite high waist jeans tucked in, or left open over a cami and worn as more of a jacket. These also work great for work.





Graphic Tees-No surprise here…graphic tees are great all year. I especially like them for fall under a more fitted blazer or a pair of trousers to dress them up.


Band Tee

Slogan Tee

Ringer Tee

Earth tone dresses-Avoid bright colors and stick to buying dresses in neutral or earth tones. These dresses transition perfectly to fall. Just add stockings/knee-highs, a jacket or cardigan, and some cute booties. For spaghetti strap dresses, wear them over a fitted tee.

Short Floral

T-shirt Dress

Striped Midi

Booties- I’d buy a pair of booties in August over a pair of sandals. If you find at least one good pair of black booties, and another pair in brown or another neutral shade, you are set. Booties are great no matter what season is is. Wear them with shorts, dresses, jeans, leggings, anything really…Choose a statement pair to pop with a simple outfit.

The Every Day Boot (in black or brown)

Red Patent (huge trend this fall)

White Kitten Heeled (another huge trend this fall)

Slides/Mules– I have been on a slide/mule craze all summer, and they easily transition to fall. Closed toe ones would even look really cute with some ankle fishnets.

The Every Day Slide

Fun Heel


Palazzo/Culottes– I’ve been loving fun trousers and culottes this summer. They are light and airy, but still a pant… making them perfect for fall.



Tie Waist

Accessories: Accessories are always a good idea since you can take them season through season. Handbags, Jewelry,  sunglasses, and belts are all good August purchases.

Scarf and Statement Sunnies use code Vanessa for 20% off

Every Day Tote

If your excited for fall…comment below! Till the next one loves ❤


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