Fall Wish-List feat. Rosegal

August 31st, 2017…the end of Summer is here, atleast for me lol.  If you are just as excited for Fall as I am, (and pumpkin spice latte’s have nothing to do with it)  this post will get you even more excited. If you are dreading the Summer ending, then I apologize in advance 😛 I teamed up with RoseGal for this post to put together a Fall wishlist. Rosegal has an amazing variety of sweaters, jackets, accessories, even unique retro dresses! After searching through the site for a while, I finally narrowed down some favorites.

Sweater 1                   Sweater 2                       Sweater 3

Starting with my favorite thing to wear in the Fall…sweaters. I chose some unique ones because I can find a plain sweater anywhere, but on Rosegal, you can find pieces you don’t come across on the regular. Sweaters like this make your outfit, with little effort.

Statement Jacket           Go-to Blazer           Trench

We can all agree that one of the best parts about Fall Fashion is layering. Jackets, blazers, even vests…that third piece of clothing elevates your simple look.

Lastly, another favorite…booties. I again chose some unique styles that can go with many looks. Sizes are limited, but such a great selection!

        Boots 1                      Boots 2               Boots 3

With Summer ending, Rosegal is having a huge sale, all from 33% off! They were nice enough to give my followers an extra 10% off with code RGEN. Check them out! Let me know if any of my picks end up in your cart, and stay tuned to see how I style some items!


Check them out HERE

Surprise Code: RGEN


This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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