Halloween Costume Ideas feat. Rosegal

Welcome back loves! I recently collaborated with Rosegal and was so surprised at how much they offer on their site, from clothes to decor. They also have a great selection of Halloween costumes and supplies, so in today’s post, I’m happy to collab with them again to give you guys a few costume ideas of my favorite pieces that are all at a low price … because as we all know, costumes can get ridiculously expensive! Plus, they are offering a contest on their site to either win coupons for your order, or a $100 gift card! Enter at the end of this article!

Costume Ideas

Costume 1: $21 Spider Girl


I love this dress! The spiderwebs on the sleeves make this a perfect spider girl look. Just add some web makeup to your eyes and a dark red lip and you’re done!

Costume 2: $20 Witch or Vampire


This top would be an easy and wearable option for a witch with the sexy corsette. Just add a black bottom of your choice and boots. You can also vamp this top up and add fake teeth and some blood to be a sexy vampire!

Costume 3: $21 Pumpkin Spice


I saw this dress and immediately thought of pumpkin spice! Why not make the basic drink a very not basic costume. I’m sure you won’t run into anyone wearing anything similar! You can carry a cute coffee mug around and paint your face down the middle half pumpkin! This is even work appropriate 🙂

Costume 4: $11 Bat Girl


I think this is such a cute dress, and for $11, you can’t beat it! I love how the model wore it with combat boots and dressed it down. It’s again, work appropriate since Halloween is on a Tuesday. Just add black lipstick and you got yourself an easy bat girl look.


If you’re not into dressing up for Halloween or don’t have any plans but still feel like being festive, this sweater  for $25 is a great option. Wear it as is or add tights, and you can even do some skull makeup if you’re better at that than I am 🙂

Hope this post was helpful in giving you some inspiration for an affordable and easy Halloween look. Check out Rosegal.com and select priority shipping next to sort when browsing through their items to make sure you get your order before Halloween! Also be sure to enter their contest to win $100!  Hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween! A “What I wore” is coming next week to the blog!



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