OOTD: Slip Dress Layering

Something inside us changes in the month of December...We are kinder, happier, more patient, and giving. We even start to dress differently...suddenly everyone is more dressed up with beautiful long lux coats, faux fur, and pretty dresses no matter how cold the air is. I love this time of year for all this, and so … Continue reading OOTD: Slip Dress Layering


Plaid About You: Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo.

I don't know about you, but when I think of a Thanksgiving outfit, I think of plaid. Sure, there's nothing groundbreaking about plaid in the fall, but I like to end the season wearing it's most festive print. I've had these plaid pants for probably 10 years now. I purchased them from target and they … Continue reading Plaid About You: Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo.