Work Wear: How to Slay a Dress Code

Work can be a drag, but I always found that feeling good in your outfit will make you more productive and happier throughout the day. This can be difficult to do if you work in an environment with a business dress code, but I’m going to let you in on my tips on how to slay at work this season to feel like your stylish self, without being over the top.

For my job atleast, business wear is generally just no jeans. Most basic bitches people in my office wear the boring black slacks, but if you’re a fashionista, they in no way make you feel like yourself. Which brings me to my first few tips:

  1. Printed trousers: Depending on the office, bright colored trousers can sometimes be too much. If sticking to neutral tones doesn’t do it for you, definitely opt for a print. They are subtle but still stylish. These houndstooth printed ones from forever 21 are a great example. Get them HERE
  2. Cropped trousers: Something as simple as having a bit of your ankle showing with a sleek pump gives the look a lot more style. I’m a big fan of culottes. In the colder months, add a bootie in a tan shade to give it the same effect.
  3. High-waisted trousers. Tuck in your top and add a pump, and your legs look a mile long making you feel your sexiest, even at the office.

4. Detailed trousers: A tie waist, a ruffle flare, or this throwback to the 90’s horse rider bottom…there are so many detailed options that give you no reason to dress basic at work. Get my pants HERE

The fall/winter is my favorite time to style my office looks because there’s one thing you can do during this time that gives your look a lot more personality:

5. LAYER LAYER LAYER: I love to add a cute blazer or vest, or layer my button-down under a sweater and let it peak out.

6. Statement Sweaters: I personally love a good plain turtle neck, but I also like to switch it up. I’ll sometimes do a bright sweater like the red one in my first look for a pop of color, or a sweater with a fun detail, like the layered one in my second look. Ruffles, bell sleeves, and prints are also a great option. Just keep the bottom half simple when doing so.

7. Statement shoes: When all else falls flat…a pair of statement shoes will take you far (literally and figuratively). You can wear a basic black turtle neck and black trousers and just add a bright or printed shoe to it for an easy stylish look.

I hope you find these tips useful in your work environment. No matter the dress code, it’s important to feel like your best self so you can kill the work day with confidence. With that said, have a great work week! Don’t forget to SLAY 🙂

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