OOTD: Balloon Sleeves & Berets

You know those trends you see people wearing and you’re like, EW, Never…then weeks pass, and dozens of blogger inspired outfits later, they start to grow on you? That’s how I felt about this beret trend. Now, I’m not even sure what I hated about it. I think it’s such a chic accessory to add to an outfit, but it can go so wrong. I suggest pairing it with a look that doesn’t have too much going on. You don’t want to look like you woke up in the 70’s. I did however, want to incorporate some 70’s vibes with some simple flare jeans.

I made the look more modern with this balloon sleeve off the shoulder top from Banana Republic. I am so obsessed with balloon sleeves right now, and pretty much have to have anything I see with this detail. Luckily for my wallet, this cutie was on sale and ready to come home with me. I thought the blue stripes tied in perfectly with the beige beret, and added matching booties to finish off the look.


Get my look


Flare Jeans


What do you think of the beret trend? What trend did you used to hate, but now love? Let me know in the comments! We’re half-way there….happy hump day! ❤



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