Zaful Review: Is it worth it? + OOTD

We are all guilty of spending way too many hours browsing those trendy affordable sites from China/Korea. The prices seem too good to be true, and for the most part, they usually are. I was suspicious when Zaful asked me to collaborate with them. Although I have browsed around plenty of these sites, I never hit the check out button. For one, the sizing is usually all over the place…one item I’ll be a small and the next a Large. And one size fits all? NOT quite. I appreciate that Zaful had an accurate size chart on every item, making it very simple to choose the right size for yourself, as long as you know your measurements.

Another issue with these sites is the quality. Is that $10 sweater going to feel the same as that J crew sweater you liked? Definitely not, but Zaful is comparable to forever 21, and that’s quality I can deal with. This trendy  sweater was under $20 and such a steal considering other retailers selling them for $50+. I was really surprised at how soft the material was. I rate it a 10/10 for style, and quality.

I also chose out these harem trousers. I thought these were so interesting the way they hung. I loved the button detail, and the fit was perfect. I ordered a medium instead of my usual small after reading the size chart. (these sold out) Because everything was pretty loose, I wanted to add pointed pumps to make the look more sleek, and to give me a little bit of height so I was not drowning in material. I finished the look off with a dark lip and sunnies.

The last issue with these sites is how long it takes to receive your items. I wouldn’t order an outfit you are planning to wear that weekend, or even the next. But if there’s a trendy piece you’d had your eye on but didn’t want to splurge on, is your new jam. I have even seen exact Zara replica’s….and you guys know my obsession with Zara by now. GIMME EVERYTHING!

Overall, I am so pleased with my order and would definitely recommend you guys check them out. Let me know if you guys have shopped on zaful before. As always, thanks for reading. Till the next one loves ❤


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