Plaid About You: Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a Thanksgiving outfit, I think of plaid. Sure, there’s nothing groundbreaking about plaid in the fall, but I like to end the season wearing it’s most festive print.

I’ve had these plaid pants for probably 10 years now. I purchased them from target and they automatically became my favorite thing in my wardrobe. They were comfortable, and the plaid print was very muted, making it an easy piece to style. After about 5 years, I outgrew them. Now, I’m normally the kind of person to purge my closet every other month or so because I hate clutter, but I couldn’t let go of these. I thought, one day they might fit again. Five years later, with Thanksgiving in mind, I dug these out of my drawer and tried them on. Surprise surprise, they fit! Moral of the story guys, don’t give up on true love! haha

Plaid Pants Option 1    Option 2

I paired them with this cold shoulder top from sweet-love-boutique sent to me by the lovely owner Erica. This sweater is SO soft, which I was not expecting given the low prices, but the quality is amazing! It’s also loose, making it perfect for Thanksgiving 😉 I know I am going to wear it a ton. Check them out!

My Sweater Here

To pick up the burgundy in my pants, I added my velvet cabby boy hat.  I am not too big on accessories, but hats have been my jam! It’s an easy way to add more to a simple look, all while covering up the mess the wind did to your hair.

Velvet Baker Boy Hat

I hope you enjoyed this Thanksgiving inspired look, but let’s be honest…I’ll probably be in sweatpants to make room for the food baby I am going to have 😉 Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by the ones you love most, because at the end of the day, it’s not about what we are wearing….

Thankful for all my readers ❤


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