Valentines Day Date Ideas


When it comes to Valentines day, my boyfriend and I don’t usually do much. But after being together a while, and living together, I thought it would be fun to do something different. Not to mention, I been in such a winter rut, I will take any reason to get dressed up and drag myself out of the house! I put together some date ideas for us and thought I’d share them for anyone stuck on what to do! If you don’t have a boyfriend, no worries…bring a friend!

Try a new dinner spot: the first idea is the most obvious….but trying a different restaurant and maybe a different cuisine is a simple way to step out of the box. There are also cook-it-yourself restaurant options that are super fun. Make sure to make reservations!

Go see a show: I live very close to NYC, so a Broadway show would be a fun romantic night and a great gift in my opinion, because you get an experience rather than something materialistic. The same goes for concerts or a comedy show.

Plan a spa day: Another great gift and date idea (and one I hope I get) is a spa day. Who doesn’t want to be pampered? There are tons of budget friendly options on groupon, some even include champagne and chocolate. But do your research, the cheapest option is not always the best option.

Learn something new together: There are tons of fun classes to try like cooking, salsa dancing, painting, etc… I think this is a great way to bring some excitement into the relationship. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to try a salsa class, and I think valentines day is the perfect opportunity to try this passionate dance.

Plan a stay-cation: Check into a hotel and enjoy a weekend away but close to home. Order breakfast in bed, explore the city, and enjoy someone else making the bed for a change.

We will most likely being doing one of these over the weekend, but tomorrow we are going to cook together, crack open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie at home. In reality, it’s really about being together and enjoying each-other’s company, but I hope these ideas were helpful if you decide to venture out!

Happy Valentine’s Day



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