A Week in California

Happy hump day everyone, and happy first day of August! Summer has been flying by, and I plan to make every day this month count, or atleast every weekend! (my working ladies get me?!) I recently took a trip out to California with my boyfriend and two closest friends and we had such a good time. We stayed in LA, but rented a car so explored around Malibu a bit as well. I wanted to share bits of what we did out there.

The first day we explored Santa Monica. We started at the beach, got rained on, made our way to the shops, and ended with tacos and margaritas!

The next day we went to Malibu to the Paramount Ranch! We rode horses which was something I have been dying to do! The views were breathtaking and I love these smart creatures! Animals are seriously the best!



After the ride, we hiked the grassland trail to The Rock Pool, which was basically a pool of water hidden in the mountains. It was such a long hard hike but was so worth it the minute we ended up here! We swam and watched some daring people jump off the cliff!


We of course needed to visit Venice Beach, which was probably out favorite part. We had brunch and explored the long boardwalk. There was so much to see and do, but we just laied out on the beach, swam, and relaxed our very sore bodies.


We visited little Tokyo that night for some sushi, of course. Then we went to dance some salsa!

Not sure what night this was, but we also went to dinner at mama shelter, which was a hotel with a sick rooftop. The decor was also insane, wish I got more pictures of that! The rooftop was also very cool, literally…we were freezing lol



The last day was a fun one! We went to the W Hotel rooftop Pool party in Hollywood. It was such a blast. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂


We stayed in hollywood for the night and had drinks with some new friends. Perfect way to end a great trip! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have you been to Cali? Let me know!


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