What I Wore: Tips on Being Stylish in the Winter

By this time of year, our outfits star getting repetitive… Sweater, jeans, boots, and an big coat to hide it all. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to spice up my winter wardrobe and thought I’d share some tips.

Tip 1: Winter White

Forget what you heard about not wearing white after labor day. Wearing an all white look is far from boring and unexpected. I wear these zara jeans all year. Because they are cropped, I just threw on some cute socks and sock booties and I was good togo!


Tip 2: Have fun with your Coats

The best way to stay fashionable in the winter is to invest in some cute outerwear! Teddy Coats have been pretty popular since last year, and you don’t have to pay much anymore to get a good one. The one I am wearing is from dokotoo.com. You can also play with different prints and textures like I did with my leopard coat from h&m.

Tip 3: Pops of color

I’m guilty of wearing mostly neutrals, but picking a color outside the box can instantly make your normal sweater/jean combo fun. I picked this tartan plaid one from forever 21. I also chose to pair it with white booties instead of black for a more dramatic look.

Tip 4: Not your Average Leggings

There are so many choices now than your normal black pair of leggings. I found these flared ones from forever 21 for under $10. They give you the same comfort as leggings but add a lot more style.

Tip 5: Mix Prints

Mixing prints will obviously add a lot to your winter look. Just make sure to stay in the same color family or within colors that compliment each-other, like red and yellow.

What are your tips for staying stylish in this winter?


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